Every brand's cheapest electric SUV

From Audi to Volvo, we name the cheapest new electric SUV in every company's range, and reveal the discounts currently available that make them even more tempting...

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With their space, practicality and, often, good safety credentials – SUVs can make brilliant family cars. However, being on the larger side of things, all that space often comes at the cost of fuel economy.

That's where electric SUVs come in; generally speaking, they're a lot cheaper to run on a daily basis than their petrol and diesel equivalents. Also, because of their recent spike in popularity, electric cars in general are becoming much cheaper to buy, and that's before you factor in the Government's £1500 plug-in grant, which is available for some models.

But which electric SUVs are the cheapest? Here, we'll walk you through the cheapest electric SUV from every brand, and reveal how much you can save by using our Target Price deals and our free What Car? New Car Buying service.

Follow the links on each slide to read our full review of the model and see our latest deals.

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