Executive car winners

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Executive car winners
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26 May 2011 23:01

1= BMW 5 Series
Satisfaction rating 83.3%
Overall 7th=
BMW 5 Series review

The 5 Series collected some great scores where it really counted to come joint top in this category, despite some poor showings in many sections of the survey.

For instance, owners listed plenty of niggling faults and complaints with the interior materials scuffed and marked too easily, they said.

The engine, transmission and other mechanical components proved to be more robust than in any other car in the class. This turned things around in dramatic fashion for the 5 Series. So, too, did the best scores in this sector for running costs. Owners were over the moon with the fuel-efficiency and low insurance costs, but handed out below-average scores for the service dealers provided, though.

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Case study
Name Jim Lee
Age 35 Lives Hungerford, Berks
Job Sales development director
Model 535d M Sport
Mileage with car 17,000

The engine and transmission are great and the performance is awesome. The ride is slightly hard, but my car is an M Sport so the payback is exceptional handling.

Im disappointed that the rear seats dont fold down folding seats are standard on almost every car on the planet and it really annoys me that the Five lacks this flexibility.

Its also shocking that the sat-nav doesnt allow you to input a postcode, while I had to spend 40 on a special cable to make my iPod talk to the stereo when there is already a USB port in the car as standard. 1= Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Satisfaction rating 83.3%
Overall 7th=
Mercedes E-Class review

In many respects the E-Class was the polar opposite of the BMW, even though both cars got the same overall score. For instance, while 5 Series owners thought dealers were pretty rubbish, E-Class drivers had nothing but praise for the way theirs operated. From booking in cars through to the quality of showrooms and the friendliness of staff, everything was considered to be top notch. Mercedes owners also loved the support and adjustment of the seats, the dependability of the electronic systems and driver aids, the design of the car and the clear view from the cabin.

If there was one downside, it was that the engine proved to be slightly hesitant, according to some owners.

Case study
Name Garry Cleaver
Age 62
Lives Oswestry, Shropshire
Job Retired
Model Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (09-present) E250 CDI Blue Efficiency Sport
Mileage with car 11,200

I am delighted with this car. Fuel consumption is better than my previous C220 CDI, and it suits us well. The space is amazing, but I could have done without the child seats in the boot they take up valuable storage space.

The car drives beautifully not in the sporty manner of the C-Class, but its very relaxing indeed. The adaptive headlights are great and I love the ambient lighting in the cabin. Im also a fan of the folding rear headrests.

Mercedes-Benz Shrewsbury has been absolutely superb throughout all my dealings. Executive car league table
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