Fight car Fraud: special

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Fight car Fraud: special

If youre planning to buy a used car, there are many ways that fraudsters can catch you out.

Outstanding finance, clones, write-offs and even phantom cars all pose a significant threat to used buyers.

Its not always just a case of a quick respray and a change of numberplates criminals will go to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on your money. However, car fraud isnt just the preserve of organised crime - its possible that youll commit car fraud without even realising. Read our guide to find out how.

Car Crime Awareness Week
As part of Car Crime Awareness Week, were helping you buy smarter with our week-long special. We'll help you steer clear of the criminals and stay on the right side of the law by showing you everything from how to get the best vehicle history check, to spotting fraud through a vehicle's documents.

Well be adding more advice pages throughout the week, so make sure you check back.

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