First picture: Kia's mini-MPV

* Codenamed Kia YN * High-quality interior * On sale early 2010...

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What Car? Staff
09 February 2009

First picture: Kia's mini-MPV

This is Kia's Vauxhall Meriva MPV rival, which will be unveiled at next month's Geneva motor show.

The concept car is expected to be called Kia YN, although this name is not expected to make production.

Kia's concept car is smaller than a Ceed, and based on the same platform as the forthcoming Soul.

Details are scarce, but Kia has revealed that the YN has a full-length glass roof and has been designed to convey a feeling of interior luxury and spaciousness.

It's the first Kia to be designed from conception by Peter Schreyer, who formerly worked as a designer for Audi.

The production version of the YN is expected to go on sale early in 2010.