Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen's Polo is a truly classy supermini - here are five reasons why it might make sense as your next car...

Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

The VW Polo is a premium supermini, and a rival for the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio. Its premium image attracts a premium price, though, with the range starting from £11,525. That said, this is still one of the best models in this market.

We like the Polo because of its great interior quality, the breadth of its engine range and its long-distance refinement.


Should you buy a Volkswagen Polo, then? Here are five reasons why we think you should.

5 reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

5. Low-end cars make the most sense

Rather than splashing out on a top-end version, our favourite model is the Polo Match. It's far from sparse, and gives you air conditioning, 15in alloy wheels, remote central locking and a multi-function steering wheel.

4. Quality interior

There's plenty of adjustment inside, meaning drivers and passengers can get comfy, and visibility is good throughout. The quality is on a par with the Audi A1 and Mini, too.


Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

3. Useful rear space

You'll find more rear leg room than in rivals like the Peugeot 208, and the boot is usefully large, too. If you opt for Match trim you also get an adjustable boot floor - something most small cars don't come with.

2. Quiet on the road

The Polo is very refined, and there's very little wind and road noise at speed. The smaller engines, and in particular the 1.2 and 1.4-litre petrols, are also very smooth and quiet.

1. Economical petrol power

Our favourite Polo engine is the 1.2-litre petrol - it's smooth revving, reasonably priced and offers genuinely impressive fuel economy. VW says you should expect upwards of 60mpg without trying too hard.

The Polo is great if you want a premium choice, but be aware that many of its closes rivals, and in particular the excellent Ford Fiesta, are significantly cheaper. Curtain airbags are also a cost option, where most rivals have them as standard.

What about buying used?


Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

The previous Polo, launched in 2009, is another likeable car that effectively distills all that we like about its larger sibling, the Golf, down into a smaller package.

Like the current Polo, the main drawback is that buying one is usually more expensive than buying one of its rivals, even if the Polo is a much more premium vehicle. High-mileage examples from this era start from as little as £2000, but you can find good examples for around £3500 without too much trouble.

The Polo is generally a very reliable car. The front tyres can wear quickly, so pay attention if you go for a test drive, and if you find a 1.4-litre petrol car make sure the dealer service action has been carried out - these cars required their ECUs to be reprogrammed.

Be aware that 1.6-litre diesel versions of the car also had a fault that lead to stalling at junctions, while the 1.2-litre petrol had a problem with its EGR valve. Servicing costs are lower than those of many rival cars, while resale values are strong.

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What next?


Five reasons to buy a Volkswagen Polo

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