Four-wheel-drive RCZ?

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What Car? Staff
04 September 2009

Four-wheel-drive RCZ?

Will there be a four-wheel-drive RCZ to rival the Audi TT quattro? The idea is not that difficult to imagine. Peugeot is working on a four-wheel-drive car using its medium-car platform. It will be a hybrid version of the 3008, with diesel drive to the front wheels and electric drive to the rears, and goes on sale in 2011.

At the Frankfurt motor show there was an RCZ concept car featuring a similar drive system and because of the car's low weight, CO2 emissions were down to 95g/km. It's difficult to imagine that Peugeot won't build it, particularly as it fits in perfectly with the company's strategy of reserving the hybrid system for top-end models that won't be sold at a loss.

Our verdict:

Come on, admit it you want one. So do we.