Full details of hot Seats

* Hot Ibiza models * With 148- or 178bhp * Prices start at 14,995...

Full details of hot Seats

Seat has released more details of its high-performance Ibiza models.

The FR, Cupra and Bocanegra all have a range of cosmetic upgrades, lowered and stiffened suspension and a 1.4-litre petrol engine that uses both a turbocharger and supercharger.

All three use the latest version of the VW Group's seven-speed DSG semi-automatic transmission, with steering wheel gearshift paddles as standard.

The three hot models also get Seat's XDS 'electronic differential', which helps to stop the front wheels spinning and any tugging at the steering wheel when you accelerate hard.

The FR has a 148bhp engine and is cheapest of the three at £14,995. There's a £1000 premium for the 178bhp Cupra, which gets a more aggressive bodykit and different 17-inch alloy wheels.

At £16,695, there's a £700 step up to the Bocanegra, which has the same engine and cosmetic upgrades as the Cupra, but adds black trim around the front and rear bumper and bespoke interior trim.