Future of the F1 engine

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Future of the F1 engine
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What Car? Staff
14 Oct 2008 16:24

Honda's Ross Brawn says: F1 is coming to a crossroads as to what sort of engines it should run in the future. Le Mans is interesting because its an open formula, and that has created the opportunity to use diesels. F1 needs to decide what direction it wants to go in. Should we have a fixed formula, or something more open where you can choose what sort of engine you want, but are only allowed to use so much energy? That could lead to something relevant for road cars.

Richard Parry-Jones, the former chief technical officer of Ford, says the exchange of technology between road and racing cars has always been a two-way street. Many road-car innovations and technologies have been picked up and adapted by motorsport, he says.

Right now, road cars are grappling with climate change. F1 needs to take account of that. The next set of regulations shouldnt say that F1 cars can only use road-related technology, but we must be careful we dont exclude technology that has a benefit for road cars.