Gifts for kids (aged up to 10)

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Gifts for kids (aged up to 10)

This section contains car-related gift ideas for kids aged up to 10 years old.

Auto Bingo
Cost: 13.00rrp

It's a combination of I Spy and Bingo, and should keep younger passengers entertained on long journeys. Players get a 'bingo' card with features such as churches, farmyard animals or hills etc which they cross off as they spot them along the route.

The cards can be wiped clean and used all over again. Its made by an international company, so some of the images might prove a little unfamiliar in the UK, but imagination should bypass that.
My All Growd Up Cup
Cost: 9.99rrp

This cup is designed to cut down on the amount of drink spilled by young children while in the car. The elephant-shaped cup sits in a holder that sticks to the window, and it makes a trumpeting noise whenever the beaker is removed or replaced. The noise is a little quiet, but this could be seen a plus point for many parents.
Giant Road Jigsaw
Cost: 13.50rrp

With several different layouts, this jigsaw is like a Scalextric for younger children. As well as following the recommended patterns, kids can also create their own town layouts. The big chunky pieces should prove hardwearing and more than capable of taking the abuse dished out by hand-held model cars.