Halfords HP2800

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What Car? Staff
10 March 2011

Halfords HP2800

Halfords HP2800
Price: 219.99
Where: Halfords.com

Ease of use:
The HP2800 comes in a large package, but this means it is virtually ready to use straight from the box. The only downside is that the hose needs to be bolted to the trigger unit using a spanner (not supplied), whereas most other machines we tested used clip-and-lock systems.

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A great all-round machine that is ideal for cleaning cars, driveways, patios and decking, as well as larger items such as boats, van and caravans. While the machine is quite big and heavy, it is well-balanced and never cumbersome to use.

The unit has an internal detergent tank, which, although not the easiest to use, is effective once mastered. It comes with a good range of nozzles and lances.

Halfords HP2800
Max water pressure: 125 Bar
Flow rate: 430 Litres/hr
Hose length: 8 metres
Motor Power: 2800 WattStorage
It might be a big machine, but it's also one of the tidiest to store. The hosereel is excellent even if the hose itself is very stiff and the power cable is also kept neat and tidy on the rear of the machine. There are also plenty of holders for the trigger and lances.

What Car? says...
The HP2800 might not be the most powerful, or cheapest machine in the test, but overall it is certainly one of the best we reviewed. An all-rounder, this machine will happily tackle all domestic jobs. From ease of use to its neat, compact storage and powerful cleaning performance, this is an excellent unit.