Has the scheme helped reduce CO2 output?

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Has the scheme helped reduce CO2 output?

Yes. Many people expected, and wanted, the scrappage scheme to have a CO2 cap to ensure it had an environmental benefit, as well as helping the beleaguered motor industry.

While there are examples of cars with higher CO2 outputs being bought with scrappage cash the 32 Porsches for a start the scheme has had a beneficial environmental impact.

A recent report by the SMMT highlights that, on average, the CO2 emissions of cars bought with the incentive are 26.8% lower than those of the car being scrapped.

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership reckons that means CO2 emissions have been reduced by 1-2% thanks to the scheme. A spokesman said: 'There has been a downward trend anyway, but scrappage and the recession have helped to accelerate this.'