Have you had a black box fitted?

* What Car? wants first-hand accounts of black boxes * Has the technology saved you money on insurance? * Let us know if youre considering having one fitted...

Have you had a black box fitted?
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Ed Callow
17 May 2013 12:00

What Car? wants to hear from readers who have had a black box fitted to their car, or people who are considering getting one in the hope of lowering their insurance premiums.

We want to know whether you think this driver-behaviour tracking technology is a good idea, and whether youve had personal experience of using such a system.

If youve had a black box fitted to your car, has your experience been good or bad? More importantly, have you saved any cash?

We want readers who have had a black box fitted to answer the following questions:

1. How old are you?
2. How many years have you held your driving licence?
3. Which black box insurance company are you with?
4. What car do you drive? (make, model, engine, trim, age)
5. Where in the country do you live?
6. What is your annual mileage?

Email us with this information and let us know your full name and your mobile number so that we can contact you.

Send your answers to the questions and your contact details to Emma.Butcher@whatcar.com - we will reply to a cross-section of readers and may want to ask you a few more questions.