Hefty premium for Evoque queue-jumpers

* 15% premium for new Evoque * Dealers selling 61-plate cars * More than 5000 over list price...

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What Car? Staff
08 August 2011

Hefty premium for Evoque queue-jumpers

You can avoid the waiting list and get your hands on the new Range Rover Evoque for its September 8 launch, but it'll cost you a hefty premium,

With dealers quoting six-month delivery times for new orders, buyers desperate to get into an Evoque will have to spend 15% on top of the car's list price.

Independent garages are pre-selling 61-plate cars ahead of the car going on sale next month. The cheapest Evoque we found was a 2.2 SD4 Prestige at just under 43,000. That makes it 5500 more than its 37,380 list price, including options.

However, we also found an optimistic private buyer looking to pre-sell their car before it's delivered. At just under 50,000 the 2.2 SD4 Prestige 5dr appears to be 6600 over list price

The handful of cars already on classified and auction websites are all pre-ordered vehicles and include both petrol and diesel models, with three-door coupes and-five door versions available.