How to spec a Jaguar XE

Our guide to Jaguar's executive saloon covers which options to choose, which to avoid and how much to pay for it all...

Jaguar XE options to choose and avoid

How to spec a Jaguar XE

If you're bored with me-too executive saloons from famous German brands, the Jaguar XE is a fantastic alternative. Its agile handling makes it one of the best cars in this class to drive, while our recommended D180 diesel engine pulls eagerly from low revs and delivers enough acceleration to handle almost any situation.

Our full 16-point review will take you through the XE's complete engine range, as well as telling you what the car is like to live with and how much you can fit into its boot. Here, though, we're concentrating on equipment and options, and the good news is that if you go for our recommended S trim, you'll already have most bases covered, because dual-zone climate control, cruise control and automatic lights and wipers are standard.

There's still room to add more luxury without breaking the bank, however, so here's what we'd choose from the options list.

Jaguar XE options to choose

LT Jaguar XE nose

1. Metallic paint (£630)

You can have your XE with white, black or red paintwork for free, but metallic options will add both extra value and visual distinction, meaning not only that your car will be easier to spot in the car park, but also that you'll get more of your money back when you come to sell it. There are seven metallic options to choose from, priced at £630 each. You can pay more for premium metallic paintwork, but we wouldn't bother.

Jaguar XE options to choose

Jaguar XE centre console

2. Heated front seats (£175)

Nothing can make your morning commute miserable like a cold and frosty morning, but for just £175 you can ensure that will never be a problem. This option adds heating to both of the front seats, meaning that while the weather outside might be frightful, your bottom will feel delightful.

Jaguar XE options to choose

Jaguar XE on wintry road

3. Cold Climate Pack (£455)

Winter can put a terrible strain on your car, but you needn't feel any of it from inside the XE, because a heated windscreen, heated steering wheel and power headlamp wash can be yours for just £455. All of these will make short work of cold temperatures and frost, so you'll always be ready to start your journey promptly.

Jaguar XE options to choose

Jaguar XE rear seats

4. Split-folding rear seats with armrest (£450)

If you'd like your XE to double up as flexible family transport at the weekend, you'll want to make sure that no matter what you buy at the local garden centre, it can all fit into your car. With this upgrade, your rear seatbacks can split and fold almost flat, leaving you with plenty of storage space.

Jaguar XE options to choose

Jaguar XE steering wheel

5. Drive Pack (£1020)

Motorway miles will never feel like a chore again with this upgrade, which brings driver aids such as adaptive cruise control, blindspot monitors and high-speed emergency braking for a very reasonable price.

Jaguar XE options to choose

Jaguar XE head-up display

6. Head-up display (£905)

Keeping your attention on the road is vital, no matter if your journey is big or small, and this head-up display allows you to do exactly that. It can project the most important information, including your speed, infotainment information and navigation instructions, directly into your line of sight, and we think it's a box worth ticking.

Jaguar XE options to avoid

Jaguar XE screen

1. Digital TV (£865)

It might be cool to tune into Loose Women from the comfort of your car, but in reality we think most buyers will have very little use for this upgrade. It's expensive, too, so we'd save the money.

Jaguar XE: best buy

2019 Jaguar XE front
  • Model - 2.0 D180 S auto
  • List price - £34,600
  • Target Price - £31,810
  • Target PCP - £334 per month
  • Options we'd add - Drive Pack (£1020), head-up display (£905), metallic paint (£630), Cold Climate Pack (£455), split-folding rear seat with armrest (£450), heated front seats (£175)

  • Cost of options - £3635

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