How versatile inside?

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How versatile inside?
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What Car? Staff
27 Apr 2009 11:33

How versatile inside?
Three adults will find plenty of head space and shoulder room in the back or, if you prefer, child seats can be slotted into the two pairs of ISOFIX mounting points. Should you find yourself sat in the rear as the designated peace keeper between a couple of warring factions, the flat floor allows you to sit with your legs comfortably stretched out in front of you.

Although the rear seats don't do any sliding back and forth, or quick removal tricks, they are a doddle to fold, thanks to a couple of levers located either side of the boot. A gentle tug on either one unleashes the corresponding section of the 60:40 split seat back and sends it tumbling on to the cushions to create a flat load floor.

A split rear tailgate lets you simply fling your burger buns and salad stuff into the boot or drop the lower section and slide in those heavier trays of hot dogs and lagers. Just like on a posh Range Rover, that lower section will also double as a picnic seat or a handy changing mat.

On top of this, the boot can be arranged in different configurations, thanks to a three-position load floor. And should you want to convert your 3008 into a removal van, you can fold the front passenger seat back flat and stash the parcel shelf under the floor to create a useful 2.62-metre load length and a maximum capacity of 1604 litres.