Hozelock pressure washer 150

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What Car? Staff
10 March 2011

Hozelock pressure washer 150

Hozelock pressure washer 150
Price: 179.98
Where: Diy.com

Ease of use:
Set-up was straightforward, with no tools required. Simple clip-and-lock construction made for quick and easy assembly. The Hozelock was ready to work within minutes.

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In a clever design touch, the Hozelock Pressure Washer 150 comes with two internal detergent/wax tanks that can be switched with the turn of a dial. The machine comes with a fan- and rotary pattern nozzle, which put the machine's performance at a par with the best in the test. It's up to the job of blasting grime from cars, driveways, patios and most other domestic features and fittings.

It's a large machine, but its centre of gravity is low, so unlike some of the other machines tested it's well-balanced and very rarely topples over.

Hozelock pressure washer 150
Max water pressure: 150 Bar
Flow rate: 420 Litres/hr
Motor Power: 2100 Watt
Hose length: 8 metresStorage
A very clever machine with all storage angles covered. The hose which is a lot more pliable than all the other machines is easily wound to the internal reel, while there's also a compartment for the power cable. The trigger and lances also have their own housings. Hozelock seems to really have had the owner in mind when designing this model.

What Car? says...
The impressive blasting power and clever storage solutions make this one of the stars of our test. A large machine, but it's never awkward or cumbersome. A great machine that's more than up to anything the domestic market can offer.