Hybrids and electric vehicles

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Hybrids and electric vehicles
8 Mar 2010 17:56

Of all the potential new models, hybrid versions are very much in consideration.

Jaguar Land Rover has recently secured a 340 million development loan to research and build both micro-hybrids, that simply capture lost energy under braking, and full hybrids that can run on battery power alone for short periods.

It has tapped into Lotus Engineering's expertise to help with this and shown an XJ hybrid, called Limo-Green, that can run for up to 30 miles on battery power. A small 1.2-litre petrol engine then generates more juice and extends the range up to 600 miles.

The XJ hybrid's official fuel economy is 57mpg, while CO2 emissions are sub 120g/km and its top speed is 112mph.