Hyundai Ioniq to rival Toyota Prius in 2016

Hyundai will launch a new rival to the Toyota Prius next year, in electric, plug-in hybrid and conventional hybrid forms...

07 December 2015
Hyundai Ioniq to rival Toyota Prius in 2016

Hyundai has announced plans to bring a Toyota Prius rival to market next year.

Dubbed the Ioniq, the new model will be available as an electric car, a plug-in hybrid and as a conventional hybrid. Hyundai says the Ioniq will "break the mould" for electric vehicles and is the first car to offer three different choices of powertrain within the same body style.

In electric form, the Ioniq will be powered by an electric motor drawing power from a lithium ion battery pack. As a plug-in hybrid, the Ioniq's electric motor will be joined by a petrol engine, which is believed to be the 1.6-litre petrol motor already used in the Hyundai i30.

Finally, in conventional hybrid form, the petrol engine will be used to charge the Ioniq's battery pack.

The Ioniq is expected to be a premium product, and as such is likely to come laden with technology. Previous pictures of the car in testing revealed that it will come with a partly digitised instrument panel.

The Ioniq is scheduled to go on sale in Europe before the end of next year. It will be seen first in Korea early next year before going to the Geneva motor show in March.