Hyundai to launch first total online buying service

Click To Buy is a new online car buying portal that lets you buy a new Hyundai in just five minutes...

Hyundai to launch first total online buying service

Hyundai is launching a new Click To Buy online car buying website on 6 January. On the site customers can get a trade-in price for their part-exchange car, choose and spec up a new vehicle, pay a deposit and sort out finance and arrange when and where it will be delivered.

Crucially, the cars on offer already have a discount applied to their prices, which has been agreed by the car maker and the dealers, so there’s no need to haggle to get a discount. For example, the manufacturer’s recommended retail price for a Hyundai i10 1.0 SE is £10,000 but its price on Click To Buy is fixed at £8995, so buyers are automatically getting a £1000 discount.

Hyundai to launch first total online buying service

If you’re a cash buyer you can complete the process in as little as five minutes and you don’t have to visit a showroom at all. Your part-exchange can be collected from you at the same time as the new car is delivered; only those taking out finance will need to visit a dealership to complete the necessary paperwork.

Initially the models available on Click To Buy are the i10, i20, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe, with others to be added later. The stock of models offered on Click To Buy has been bolstered so cars can be delivered as little as a week after the order is placed.

Hyundai to launch first total online buying service

Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai UK, said: “We’ve spent many years listening to customers and Click To Buy is the result. It’s a site that makes the process of buying a new car easier, simpler and clearer than ever, doing away with haggling through fixed pricing.”

The new online service is the next step for Hyundai in making the new car buying process transparent and less stressful for those who don’t want to haggle with a salesperson.

It follows on from the launch in 2014 of a digital new car buying service, with two outlets situated at major shopping centres and operated by Rockar.

According to Whitehorn, Click To Buy will change the face of car buying. “It makes dealerships a far less threatening environment and offers a transparency that younger buyers in particular will prefer to haggling.”

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