Infiniti to launch premium small car to compete with Mini and Audi A1

Infiniti is planning to launch a Mini and Audi A1 rival within five years, as it bids to grow sales in European markets...

Likely to be called the Q20, the new Infiniti car model will be aimed at younger customers than its rivals, because this is where the brand has had most success in Europe according to Francois Bacon, vice president of product strategy.

‘We could make a smaller car; why not?’ said Bacon. ‘The key for us is to make a success of the Infiniti Q30 launch in 2015 and then grow from there.

‘The key will be to do it in the right way: we don’t want an entry-level car that compromises our values, we have to target young, premium buyers who aspire to be part of what we stand for.’