Inside the clean room

* GT-R engine hand built * Nissan's best engineers assemble unit * We witness process...

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What Car? Staff
07 August 2008

Inside the clean room

Central to the production process is the clean room, where the engines are assembled in carefully controlled conditions to ensure maximum quality.

The temperature is moderated at 23 degrees centigrade, and not allowed to fluctuate by more than one degree either way, while humidity is kept below 70%.

Inside, the workers must wear special shoes to stop any risk of static and ensure no dirt is taken into the room.

Like their colleagues, they also wear a protective jacket at all times although theirs carry the legend 'GT-R' on the back.

The use of air-powered tools is prohibited, as there is a risk they could blow any dirt that makes it into the room into an engine part.

Instead, electrically-driven machinery is preferred as the cylinder block is assembled, then the cylinder head and then the bare engine.

There are five steps in the process, each taking 20 minutes. As a result, just 24 engines are built each day.