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Satisfaction rating
Best bit Dealer facilities; picking-up
Worst bit Not much

Jaguar comes tantalisingly close to a five-star rating this year.

All scores were high, but owners seemed especially happy about the collection process. Cars were cleaned, and charges were clearly laid out with no nasty surprises.

Dealers have been taking extra care of S-type owners, who gave the highest marks of all.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Content Rio owners
Worst bit Everything else

Reasonable scores from Rio owners couldnt make up for dire ratings from those with Picantos, Sedonas and Carens models.

They slated every facet of the dealership experience, dragging Kia from its mid-table finish last year to the very bottom of the heap this time around.

Some thought the booking-in process was okay, but Sedona owners rated staff courtesy and knowledge, plus dealer facilities, as the lowest in the survey.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Staff; dealer facilities
Worst bit Freelander collections

Almost a four-star rating for Land Rover. Discovery owners were very happy with the way they were treated by dealers, and highly rated the drop-off and pick-up processes, plus the quality of work.

Freelander owners were less enthusiastic, although they still gave above-average scores for staff and dealership facilities. Their lowest score was for the pick-up process.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Everything
Worst bit Nothing at all

Once again, Lexus comes out top dealers really know how to treat customers well and make them feel special.

Lexus delighted its owners so much that they gave dealers a full five stars in every area a unique achievement.

Lexus owners made virtually no criticism when it came to booking a car in, picking it up or talking to staff, and also thought the quality of work and the dealer facilities were superb.

So, if youre a maker languishing further down the table, perhaps you should buy a Lexus to find out what all the fuss is about.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in
Worst bit Dealer facilities

The condition, location and opening hours of Mazda dealerships was a major problem for Mazda 6 owners.

Other owners were much happier with dealers, however, while decent performances in other areas, particularly when it came to getting a car booked in for a service, bolstered the overall result.

If dealers can cheer up their showrooms for 6 owners, it could be a much better story next year.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Dealer facilities
Worst bit Not much

Mercedes enjoyed the best performance from a premium German brand by a big margin. The company is making
steady progress on its goal of topping JD Power customer satisfaction surveys.

All owners were pleased with dealership facilities, with A-Class owners the happiest of all.

While the booking-in process let the side down a bit, owners still gave it higher-than-average marks.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Dealer facilities
Worst bit Booking-in

Minis funky dealerships are a hit with owners. Besides looking good, they were rated highly on their location and opening hours.

Owners were less impressed with the hassle of booking cars in, but they were very happy with the quality of work done.

Owners were also pleased with the pick-up process after a service.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Content Lancer owners
Worst bit Dealership facilities

Not only did Mitsubishi come close to a two-star rating, it was
the worst performance by a Japanese brand.

While dealers scored well for the way staff explained things, Colt owners gave poor scores for dealer facilities, the pick-up process and the quality of work done.

Lancer owners were happier, but they were disappointed with the location, opening times and condition of showrooms.

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