Jaguar E-Pace vs Jaguar F-Pace: interiors

How much difference is there between Jaguar’s SUVs? Time to see whether you should go large with the F-Pace or save some money with the smaller E-Pace...

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

You’ll sit high in whichever one you choose, with the E-Pace having a more upright driving position, whereas the F-Pace allows you to stretch out more. Both come with electric seat adjustment, but you’ll need to spend an extra £795 in the E-Pace to get adjustable lumbar support and memory settings bundled together; both are standard on the F-Pace.

Still, none of our testers had issues with the amount of seat and steering wheel adjustment in either car, and heated front seats are standard. Both also get a 10.0in touchscreen infotainment system that looks pretty sharp but can be slow to respond to commands. At least sat-nav is standard, as is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring.

Jaguar F-Pace behind the wheel

Visibility is helped by standard front and rear parking sensors, along with rear-view cameras in both. That’s for the best, because the F-Pace’s long bonnet can make tight multi-storey car parks a fraught experience, while reversing can be tricky in the E-Pace due to its thick rear pillars and small rear window. The E-Pace gets LED headlights to help you see better at night than you can with the F-Pace’s xenon lights.

Both of our contenders come with conventional analogue instrument dials, although they can be swapped for digital equivalents. The interiors look good with their metal and leather-effect trimmings, but you don’t have to look too far before you’ll come across hard, scratchy plastics, especially in the E-Pace.


Jaguar E-Pace

New BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40

Alloy wheel size 18in
Adaptive cruise control £780
Heated windscreen Yes
Electric tailgate £420
Panoramic glass roof £990
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Heated seats front/rear Yes/£310
Adjustable lumbar support £795*
Parking sensors front/rear Yes/Yes
Surround-view camera £315
Keyless entry £535
Metallic paint £670

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace infotainment

Alloy wheel size 19in
Adaptive cruise control £1375**
Heated windscreen £775***
Electric tailgate Yes
Panoramic glass roof £1275
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Heated seats front/rear Yes/£450
Adjustable lumbar support Yes
Parking sensors front/rear Yes/Yes
Surround-view camera £1010
Keyless entry £555
Metallic paint £740

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