Kia launches flagship Proceed

* Proceed 4 costs 18,495 * Standard kit includes leather trim, alloy wheels * Sat-nav fitted for the first time, too...

Kia launches flagship Proceed
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What Car? Staff
12 Apr 2011 13:24

Kia has launched a new flagship model for its Proceed range.

The Proceed 4 comes with an uprated 126bhp version of the 1.6-litre diesel engine thats used in other versions of the car.

Its capable of hitting 60mph in just over 10 seconds, about a second quicker than the 114bhp models. However, theres no penalty in economy or emissions, because it averages the same 62.8mpg and emits the 119g/km CO2 of the less powerful units.

Standard equipment on the new car includes 17-inch alloys, tinted glass, full black leather upholstery and cruise control with steering wheel-mounted controls. For the first time in the range, sat-nav is also standard in this case, a fully integrated system with a seven-inch touch-screen and Bluetooth.

The car is available now for 18,495, making it more than 1700 dearer than the existing Proceed 3. Like all Kias, it is covered by a seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty.