Kia's e-mail scam warning

* Motorists being e-mailed * Huge prizes offered * Kia says it is a scam...

Kia's e-mail scam warning

Kia has issued a warning about an e-mail scam using its name.

The spam e-mail says that recipients have won a major prize in a lottery, and are asked to provide personal information, including bank details, so that prize money of up to 750,000 and a free car can be given to them.

The contact details of the people claiming to run the quiz include the name The Kia Company and e-mail and telephone numbers in the UK.

A Kia spokesman said: 'We have never run an e-mail lottery. Pure and simply, this is a despicable scam being carried out on unwitting members of the public by thieves.

'We are currently working with various authorities to try and trace these people and to stop this scam. Members of the public receiving these e-mails should be aware of this practice and should not provide any personal details under any circumstances.'