Large SUVs

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Large SUVs

Large SUVs winner
Lexus RX

1 Lexus RX

The RX is the only large SUV that makes it into the top 10 of all models surveyed, leaping 20 places up the overall league table. It fended off category rivals for the fifth year in a row, with owners loving the stylish looks, interior comfort and quality. Although theyd made a hefty investment in the car itself, ongoing costs also werent a concern thanks to the hybrid engine.

Lexus dealers didnt bleed them dry, either these were the most satisfied of all large SUV owners regarding how much they were charged for labour, servicing and parts. Like most Lexus owners who took part in this survey, they also said they were on good terms with their dealers, appreciating the friendly, helpful staff and prompt, professional work.

Only one area let the RX down: reliability, for which it scored only average marks; it suffered most battery failures in class and drew engine starting complaints.

2 BMW X5
Boot space was deemed the X5s best asset, followed closely by smooth gearchanges and impressive handling. However, owners found interior trim a little flimsy. The audio system was tinny and rear seats tricky to adjust. Mechanical reliability was more disappointing, with odd engine noises, battery failure and misaligned wheels.

3 Land Rover Discovery
An improved performance puts the Discovery in the top half of the overall league table for the first time, thanks to (perhaps unusually for Land Rover) its excellent reliability rating. Aside from a few vibrating brakes, the most serious common problems concerned squeaking seats and sat-nav. The big 4x4 was costly to fuel and insure, though.

4 Volvo XC90
Good news for Volvo as the XC90 climbs 25 places up the leader board. Passengers were comfortable in the front and back, while seats were easy to adjust. Owners found the seven-seater difficult to park and pricey to fuel, but there were few reliability issues, although 16% reported excessive tyre wear and some complained about the sat-nav.

5 Audi Q7
Overall ranking 91st
Audis newest SUV entry was plagued with faults, with owners rating the Q7 below par across most categories.

Problems included niggles with the clock and slipping floor mats. Although these are minor problems, they proved irksome for owners whod shelled out at least 43,000 for their car.

More concerning were body panel gaps, faltering engines and battery problems, as well as excessive fuel consumption. Dealer facilities were judged lowest in class, too.

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Name Andrew Ramsey
Age 38
Lives Suffolk
Job Managing director
Model Lexus RX450h F-Sport
Miles /driven 100
We took our previous RX to Greece a few times. It was great at coasting through town on next to no fuel and blasting down motorways. Our new RX is just as luxurious, super-smooth and responsive.'