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Pete Barden
21 November 2011

learn to drive

These iPhone apps are designed to help learner drivers pass all elements of the UK Driving Test.

Hazard Perception Driving Test Success
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Price 0.69
Size 104mb

What is it? The app is designed to help learner drivers pass the classroom-based Hazard Perception Test, which students must negotiate as part of the Theory Test in order to take the Practical examination.

How does it work? Choose from 14 hazard perception video tests, which include various driving environments. The user has to tap the screen when a hazard begins to develop. The score is then given at the end of the clip, with a full video explanation.

Verdict A good app that will certainly be useful to those about to take this test. A clean, clear interface allows easy selection of videos, and we found the explanations of where we succeeded or failed to be very helpful. The app is self-contained, so there won't be any hidden data costs from streaming video while away from your Wi-Fi connection.

UK Car Driving Theory Driving Test
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Cost 0.69
Size 16.4mb

What is it? The Theory Test must be successfully completed before a learner driver can take the Practical Test, and this app is designed to help students prepare for it.

How does it work? Users can choose to practice questions from 14 sections, take a mock theory test, or browse the Highway Code, which is also included in the app.

Verdict: A clear and easy to use app that does its job very well. It's not the most exciting to look at, but it's a useful, inexpensive mobile tool that will help students pass their Theory Test.

Driving Test Practical
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Cost 1.99
Size 214mb

What is it: This app is designed to prepare learner drivers for the practical element of the UK Driving Test.

How does it work? Students can watch a 16-minute video, which teaches them what to expect during the test. There are also 23 '3D' tutorial videos to help with driving manoeuvres such as navigating roundabouts and reversing. Finally, there's a section of 'show and tell' videos to help students prepare for that element of the practical test. The Highway Code is also included.

Verdict The main video is helpful, albeit a bit too long at 16 minutes splitting it into sections would have helped. The '3D' videos to help explain driving manoeuvres are of poor quality and the captions virtually impossible to read. However, the 'show and tell' videos are helpful and cut into clear, useful sections. While we were disappointed by the quality and format of some videos, this app is useful to learners who need that little bit of extra confidence before their test.