Limousine safety under scrutiny

* Government introduces guidelines * Safety, registration and licensing addressed * New laws to improve safety coming...

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Jim Holder
28 January 2008

Limousine safety under scrutiny

The Department for Transport has issued new guidelines for stretched limousine operators, as it prepares to introduce legislation to ensure the cars are road-legal.

The guidelines detail safety, registration and licensing requirements that need to be met in vehicles with more than eight passenger seats.

'The popularity of stretched limousines has soared in Britain and we are determined to ensure that they are used safely,' said Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick. 'We all know limousines are great for parties, but it is important they meet the required construction standards.'

Additional laws will come into place this summer, requiring limousine operators to undertake pre-registration safety checks to ensure their cars meet UK construction standards.

Key areas that will be checked include the vehicle's weight, dimensions, turning circle, seating, brakes and window glazing.