Liquid Gold Self-Drying Car Shampoo

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Liquid Gold Self-Drying Car Shampoo

Best price 3.00 (
Capacity 500ml
For Great value for money
Against Not as effective as more premium products

Ease of use
Liquid Gold Self-Drying Car Shampoo is almost odourless and didn't make many suds, but application with a sponge produced a reassuring squeak. The self-drying formula ensured that no wiping or polishing was needed.

It dealt with the film of grime swiftly, and didn't have too many problems eliminating stubborn black spots. Insect detritus, however, proved more resistant. After rinsing, the paintwork dried without watermarks or streaks.

Value for money
At just 3.00 from Asda, Liquid Gold is great value for money. It might not produce the glossy shine of some of its competitors, but it's certainly a good performer.