Man to paint car with nail varnish

* World record attempt * Expected to use 200 pots of varnish * Watch it live on the internet...

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What Car? Staff
12 January 2010

Man to paint car with nail varnish

A 28-year old man is trying to make it into the Guinness Book of Records by painting his car with nail varnish.

David Sheath expects to take at least a week to turn a white Fiat 500 into a Fiat 500 Pink, using an estimated 200 pots of varnish and making almost a quarter of a million brush strokes.

Watching nail varnish dry
The whole process is being streamed live on the internet at, and David will also update his progress on Twitter. While he completes the task, David will live and sleep in a studio in south London, which has been specially adapted with a bed, a television and a toilet.

Recently single David said: 'I broke up with my girlfriend and thought this would be a great way to get through it.'

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said: 'This sounds like a potentially interesting claim.'