As befits a premium brand manufacturer, the Maserati stand was draped in elegant-looking women.

Seeking out photographers, the quartet ensured plenty of photos of the Quttroporte Collezione Centro were taken by striking a pose and flashing a winning smile.

Undeniably, though, one of the women had something about her. Maybe we'd seen her before?

One worker in the hall certainly thought so.

As he walked past the stage, his mouth shouted out what many other minds were thinking.

'Hey, you look just like Kim Kardashian!' he cried.

For those that don't know, Kardashian is an attractive American celebrity who hit the headlines when a sex tape of her and her rapper boyfriend hit the internet recently.

'Just look at the car,' hissed the Maserati beauty through gritted teeth.

Which kind of takes us back to where we came in with Dodge.

Lesson six: Not all beautiful women are good news.