Mazda Furai

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Jim Holder
14 January 2008

Mazda Furai

As well as its new RX-8, Mazda is showing off its Furai concept car in Detroit.

Although it is road-legal, the Furai is based around the Courage C65 racing chassis that competes in America and, as a result, it is expected to be sold to customers who want to drive it on race tracks.

The two-seater is powered by a 450bhp triple-rotor rotary engine that will run on bioethanol or synthetic alcohols.

Aerodynamic features such as a front air-splitter, rear diffuser and special headlamp trims create downforce that stick the car to the road at high speed, while the car's sculpted bodywork helps it achieve a top speed of 180mph.

For those more interested in production than track cars, the Furai should still hold some interest: it is said to incorporate some of the styling that will be present on future Mazda models.