MG TF production still on, says Nanjing

* Owner denies supplier loss is a major blow * It insists that production plans are on-going * Says Longbridge production will resume...

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Jim Holder
16 April 2008

MG TF production still on, says Nanjing

Chinese car maker Nanjing has insisted that plans to produce the MG TF and other new models in the UK are still on track.

The companys UK arm, NAC MG, was responding to reports on our sister website, which said that the collapse of a deal with supplier Stadco to build MG TF bodies meant that car production in Longbridge is at an end.

'Initial volume production for the TF is insufficient for Stadco to make a profit, making the venture uneconomical for them,' NAC MG admitted.

'NAC remains commuted to the re-launch of the MG TF and Longbridge. To date it has invested 38.4 million, including research and development, in the project and is working to ensure that its products are of the very highest quality. It is not thought that this current situation will affect the TF launch.'

The company claims that a brand new production line has already been built in China and says that shells will be imported into the UK when production of the TF starts.

However, NAC insists that body production will still take place in the UK once production volumes are reached.

Work on the revamped TF is still ongoing, according to the company

Despite these statements, NAC MG has been unable to meet any of its stated targets for restarting production at Longbridge, or recommencing sales of the TF.