Miracle Drywash One Dry Wash Kit

* Eight car shampoos tested * Ranked on performance and ease of use * From 3 to 13...

Miracle Drywash One Dry Wash Kit

Best all-rounder
Best price 13 (onedrywash.com)
Capacity 500ml
For Best results in our test
Against A little pricey

Ease of use
Miracle Drywash One Dry Wash had a fine spray that delivered even coverage over the bodywork, although once on the paintwork, the liquid was a little hard to rub in. However, it was easy to polish off.

This cleaner impressed us the most. We didn't have to apply more than moderate pressure to shift even the most stubborn dirt for a smooth, shiny and flawless finish.

Value for money
The kit doesn't come cheap, but does include two microfibre cloths and Latex gloves and the results are excellent. Also, its maker claims that one bottle, which should do seven washes, could save a tonne of water.