Mobicool T26

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Mobicool T26

Best buy
Mobicool T26
Capacity: 26 litres
Price: 52.99

The 26-litre Mobicool T26 is powered by the mains or through the car's 12V DC cigarette lighter. All power leads are supplied and are stored within the unit's lid. It has a maximum cooling capacity of up to 20C below ambient temperature.

At just 4.0kg, the T26 is reasonably light and its dimensions of 340 x 300 x 400mm (l x w x h) make it easy to transport in the car, and to carry when out. The 26-litre capacity will be enough for an average family to picnic with confidence.

The lid design is a little cumbersome and the price a little high. Otherwise, there's nothing to criticise about the Mobicool T26 hence its best buy rating.

The core temperature of our test food was 11.6C after 1.5 hours in the T26 with its fans running 15.4C below the outside temperature of a scorching 27C. With the power switched off for an hour the food hit 17C, before increasing to 20.5C after another 60 minutes.

Solidly built cool box that has good cooling capabilities and a decent capacity. Our best buy.

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