Modern Minis to keep historical ties

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Tom Webster
16 December 2011

Modern Minis to keep historical ties

Modern Minis will retain a strong link with the brand's heritage, according to the company's new head of design, Anders Warming.

Warming said that future Minis would keep many key design features from the current models, as he said: 'We will always seek to keep Mini visuals in any car we design, but it will have an increased modernity.'

The exterior of the cars will continue to feature round headlights, the Mini grille and short front and rear overhangs, even on larger models such as the Countryman. The large central speedo will remain along with the toggle switches for interior controls.

He accepted however that changes might be made to improve the ease of use, saying: 'The exact placement we are always open to. Not much that needs to be changed though.'

Warming did not rule out the possibility of Mini making larger cars than the Countryman.

'We are investigating any size for a Mini to make sure we are contemporary and delivering current products.

'As long as a Mini fulfils the expectations of what a Mini is from the customers' standpoint I think we can do a lot of things.'

A likely arrival is the Rocketman, which appeared in three-seater concept form at the Geneva motor show in 2011.

'I believe the Rocketman concept is an absolutely fantastic design. It shows a lot of Mini functionality and a strong tie with the heritage.'

Although it has not been confirmed for production yet, Warming said he would welcome its arrival.

'I would like to see it made, it is on my Christmas list, it is under the tree at the moment. It is very true to the brand heritage.'