Most popular used car reviews of 2018

Which was the most popular used car review on in the last year? Read on to find out!.....

Most popular used car reviews of 2018

Ever wondered what the most viewed used car reviews are on Well, over the next few pages you’ll find the top 10 used reviews from the last year. It’s an interesting list, and, while some cars are popular with our readers and their presence here is to be expected, others are perhaps more surprising entrants in the chart. Statistically, four of the 10 are SUVs, five are either small or family hatchbacks, and only one is an estate car, and a small and off-sale one at that. It’s interesting to note as well that the car that finished in first place in our top 10 actually got twice as many views as the car that finished in 10th place.  

10 VW Tiguan  2016-present           

VW Tiguan

Despite not being the sort of car to set an enthusiast’s heart on fire, the Tiguan is actually Volkswagen’s third best-selling car in the UK, behind only the Polo and the Golf. This second-generation version was launched in 2016, and, anxious not to upset the magic formula, it retains much of the solidity and straightforwardness that made the original car such a huge success. All the traditional SUV qualities are there: the practical interior, the elevated driving position and the rugged looks, and a used Tiguan has always been a solid and dependable buy.  

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9 Peugeot 207    2006-2012        

Peugeot 207

Another oldie but goldie. The 207 was a good-looking and compact hatchback that offered good practicality via its five-door bodyshell and a reasonable drive, too. It was pert, frugal and rode with a good degree of comfort. There was a wide range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, too. Prices are now very low, so anyone shopping carefully and finding a well looked after example should be able to pick up a bargain.   

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8 Volvo V50  2004-2012             

Volvo V50

Again some might find it remarkable that a car that went off sale in 2012 should still be so highly viewed, but the V50 was an immensely popular car that combined all the traditional virtues of the iconic Volvo estates with the compactness ideal for families in need of sound transport for urban duties. It’s not hugely spacious, but it has top safety credentials and majors on comfort and stability. It makes a very good used buy, too, with competitive prices and many well-kept examples on the market.

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