Most popular used car reviews of 2018

Which was the most popular used car review on in the last year? Read on to find out!.....

VW Golf

7 VW Polo 2009-2017                

VW Polo

Want a small car that stands out for its quality? It seems lots of people do, because the Polo is a regular in our most-viewed charts. What’s so clever about it is that it shares many of the attributes that buyers love about its larger sibling, the Golf. The Polo, therefore, appeals to those looking for something classier and more grown-up than most in this class but who still need the low insurance and running costs of a small vehicle.

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6 VW Golf   2013-present               

VW Golf

The Golf has been the go-to car in the family hatchback class for many years. Very few cars have its classless appeal, and, with this seventh-generation model, VW managed to come up with a car that’s not only as multitalented as its predecessors but improves on them significantly. There’s a range of punchy and efficient engines, for starters, added to which there’s an upmarket and spacious interior with all the major controls right where you need them, and finally there’s an impressive driving experience to boot. It’s solid and reliable too.

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5 Volvo XC60 2008-2017           

Volvo XC60

You might be surprised to find the previous generation XC60 so high in the charts, especially so considering it’s a luxurious and fairly expensive prestige SUV. However, this car was the best-selling large SUV in Europe for many years, selling more strongly at the end of its life than it did in the years before, so it’s still proving popular on the used car market, especially among those looking for a bit of space and opulence on the school run.   

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