Motor Codes keeps motorists happy

* Drivers are delighted with Motor Codes garages * Monthly survey shows 93% satisfaction rate * Find a reliable garage online today...

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What Car? Staff
15 March 2011

Motor Codes keeps motorists happy

Motorists are delighted with the level of service they're getting from garages signed up to Motor Codes, the industry's voluntary code of conduct, according to new research from the body behind the scheme.

Motor Codes, which runs the self-regulatory Service and Repair code, has published its survey findings, which show overall satisfaction levels of 93%.

Within the past 12 months, just 5% of the 11,000 motorists surveyed said they had cause to complain about the quality of work undertaken by member garages.

As a comparison, Consumer Direct received more than 16,000 complaints about car servicing and repairs from independent garages in 2009.

You can find garages which have singed up to the scheme on the website.

So far, 6500 garages have signed up to the scheme, which offers free advice on 0800 692 0825, free conciliation and low-cost, legally binding arbitration.