Muc-Off Ubershine Luxury Car Shampoo

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11 October 2011
Muc-Off Ubershine Luxury Car Shampoo

Most luxurious
Best price 12.99 (
Capacity 1.0-litre
For Smells great, feels premium
Against Didn't remove all insect stains

Ease of use
Muc-Off Ubershine Luxury Car Shampoo was one of our favourite products. It smelled great and produced a rich consistency when mixed with water, which felt luxurious and glided effortlessly across the paintwork.

We could feel it cutting through the grime and it coped with stubborn black spots better than most. It struggled to shift insects, but was easy to rinse away and left the paintwork shining.

Value for money
Given its premium feel and performance, its pricetag of 12.99 per litre makes it one of the best-value products we tested.