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13 Oct 2008 12:0 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in
Worst bit Dealership facilities

A good result for Nissan, with owners of smaller cars such as the Micra and Note giving above-average scores in every area.

Almera, Primera and X-Trail owners were generally very pleased, too, although they thought that dealer facilities could be improved.

Primera owners, however, were unhappy about the quality of service and repair work.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in 107 and 407
Worst bit Almost everything else

The best of the French brands, but theres still not a lot that Peugeot dealers are doing right. Yes, 107 and 407 owners said it was easy to book their cars in, but thats where the success story ends.

At best, owners of the 206, 207 and 307 returned average scores, but they were far worse for the most part, leaving Peugeot dealers with their work cut out.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Satisfied Modus owners
Worst bit Everyone else

Renault has little to smile about, the dismal feedback from owners almost leaving it with one star.

Modus owners had some positive things to say, unlike the rest of the Renault crowd.

Most irritated of all were Laguna owners, who gave the lowest score of anyone surveyed for the ease of booking their cars in for service or repairs.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in (just)
Worst bit Service quality

The kindest words from Saab owners were reserved for booking-in, but even then scores only just hit the industry average.

In every other respect, owners were very dissatisfied. They were particularly unhappy with the location, opening hours and state of dealerships.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Nothing really
Worst bit Dealer facilities in particular

Seat finishes well down on its VW and Skoda sister companies.

The main problem is with the state of dealerships, their opening times and their locations; Leon and Altea owners were particularly scathing about this area.

The best scores were for the booking-in process, but even then they were below par.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in; staff
Worst bit Nothing

A chorus of approval for Skoda dealers, with owners saying they were particularly happy with booking-in and the dealer staff.

The quality of work done was appreciated, with Fabia owners giving especially high marks.

None of the scores were below average, but the lowest were for dealer facilities and locations.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in
Worst bit Nothing

An excellent result for Subaru, which shows that dealers are taking very good care of owners.

Booking-in and the politeness and expertise of staff were highlights. In fact, Impreza owners gave the third-best mark of any for this area, and the fourth-best score for staff, pick-up and the quality of work done

As with Skoda, the lowest marks were for dealership facilities, but these were still well ahead of the industry average.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Happy Swift owners
Worst bit Fed up Grand Vitara owners

High scores across the board from Swift owners helped give Suzuki a three-star result overall.

Other owners were less than impressed, however, most notably those of the Grand Vitara. They didnt have a good word to say about any aspect of dealer service.

Apart from Swift owners, the quality of work was a sore point, but Altos were easy to book in.

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