New driving test fees announced

* Fees increase from March 30 * Increased criticised by Tories * Driving licence increase, too...

New driving test fees announced

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has increased driving test fees for 2009/10.

Increases will apply to theory and practical tests booked on or after March 30.

DSA chief executive, Rosemary Thew, said: 'We are doing everything we can to ensure that fees remain as low as possible for our customers - particularly during the current economic climate.

'Despite this, increases are necessary to cover general running costs, development work and increases in inflation.'
However, shadow roads minister Robert Goodwill said it "beggared belief" that ministers could even consider increasing costs when many families were struggling during the recession.

New driving test charges
Car theory test: current 30.00 - new 31.00
Car practical test: current 56.50 - new 62.00
Motorcycle theory test: current 30.00 - new 31.00
Motorcycle practical test: current 80.00 - new: 90.50 (in October)

The cost of replacing a lost driving licence, or updating a photograph as is required every 10 years, will also increase from 17.50 to 20. Changes for this will take effect from April 6.