New Hyundai Tuscon concept car

* On sale 2010 * To be called Hyundai ix35 * Geneva motor show debut...

New Hyundai Tuscon concept car
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What Car? Staff
23 Feb 2009 10:42

This concept car photo gives the first clues to how the Hyundai Tuscon replacement will look when it goes on sale next year.

Called the Hyundai ix-onic concept, it will be re-named the Hyundai ix35 when it hits showrooms in spring 2010.

It is bigger than the outgoing Tuscon and will rival the Ford Kuga. It will be offered in two- and four-wheel-drive variants.

The concept car is powered by a new 168bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine that emits just 149g/km of CO2.

The ix-onic also features a six-speed semi-automatic gearbox, while the ISG engine stop-start technology it showcases will appear in the Hyundai i30 from September.

The ix-onic will be unveiled in the metal at next month's Geneva motor show.