New insurance rules are coming

* All cars need to be continually insured * unless covered by a SORN * Owners could be fined up to 1000...

New insurance rules are coming

New rules that come into effect this spring mean that drivers face a 1000 penalty for any car they own that's not insured.

In a move designed to target uninsured drivers, all cars must be insured unless the DVLA has been notified that they are being kept off the road.

David Evans of the DVLA said: 'We know that uninsured drivers are a menace on our roads and add around 30 to honest motorists' premiums.

'It is vitally important that motorists understand the change and how it will impact on them. That is why we have added new information to the website, which offers clear advice to help motorists understand the new rules.'

The DVLA hopes that the new system of Continuous Insurance Enforcement will help to cut the 500 million burden placed on innocent motorists by uninsured drivers.

Insurance changes Q&A
Here's our quick guide to the rule changes. Go to for more.

Does this affect a vehicle used only in the summer?
If the vehicle is not insured, but has a valid tax disc then you could face a penalty. The rules include motor caravans, motorbikes and classic cars. Cancel the tax disc and get a SORN to avoid being fined.

Where does the new law apply?
The new law will apply in England, Scotland and Wales. It will not apply in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Are classic cars affected?
Yes, the change in regulations will apply if the car is taxed but not insured. If the car was manufactured before January 1, 1973 and has a 'nil value' tax disc, it will still be considered as taxed and therefore need insurance. Vehicles in this situation should be put on a SORN if they are kept off the road.

Is my car insured?
Avoid a prosecution by checking if your vehicle is currently insured by searching for it on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). It's free to check your own vehicle.
Check here

When do the new rules come into effect?
The DVLA tells us there is no firm date on this, but that it will be sometime in late spring.