New iPhone app can drive your car

* Remotely controlled by phone * Video beamed to screen * Steered by tilting the iPhone...

New iPhone app can drive your car

The relentless march to a world that's controlled entirely by Apple's iPhone has moved a step closer with a new application that can remotely drive a car.

The iDriver app has been developed in collaboration between university students in Berlin, who designed and built the car's remote control capabilities, and the application's creator, Appirrion.

Phone controls the car
The car uses video cameras, lasers, GPS and sensors to beam back information to the driver's iPhone.

The car can be steered by tilting the iPhone as the driver views the road ahead through a live video stream delivered to the phone's screen.

There are also touchscreen buttons to control the brakes and acceleration.

The iPhone app and autonomous car have been designed as part of a technology competition.