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New Jaguar XE vs used Alfa Romeo Giulia: verdict

What little time we spend driving these days should be done in something fun, but is a new Jaguar or similarly priced used Alfa Romeo the best way to get your motoring kicks?...

Alfa Romeo Giulia driving

New Jaguar XE vs used Alfa Romeo Giulia – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

The latest BMW 3 Series is a great blend of cutting-edge technology, traditional executive car luxury, and excellent handling. You can even get a great plug-in hybrid model if you want to indulge in near-silent, electric-only driving in the 330e. It is a lot more pricey than the XE to get a 3 Series with equivalent performance, though.

BMW 330e front cornering

Yes, this is another BMW 3 Series, but throughout its many generations, this BMW has become for many the default choice in the executive sector because few rivals manage to be as prestigious, good to drive, or as well-appointed inside. The previous-generation 3 Series is still one of the best of its kind and is only really beaten by the new version.

New Jaguar XE vs used Alfa Romeo Giulia – which is best?

Our verdict

Whichever choice you'll make is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you get behind the wheel. 

The debate is whether or not you regularly carry passengers because if you do, then you'll need to go for the Giulia. It's the least compromised of the two in terms of practicality owing to it having more rear seat accommodation, and a bigger boot with the added benefit of a split folding bench as standard.  

Jaguar XE studio frontAlfa Romeo Giulia studio front

Countering this is that the Giulia will cost you more to run due to poorer fuel economy and likely higher insurance costs because it is the most powerful of the two and has a higher insurance group. The Jaguar also has a little more warranty behind it if you value having a bit of additional protection. 

In the end, the Giulia is less of a compromise, and thanks to a healthy amount of depreciation compared with its new price, we'd suggest it's the better value option of the two, but we wouldn't begrudge you choosing the XE becuase it's also an excellent car to drive.