New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

Lexus’s hybrid LS limo is back for its most determined attempt yet to shake up the luxury car class. That means beating the Audi A8...

New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

Finding an ideal driving position in either car is a breeze. Their electric front seats both include four-way adjustable lumbar support, and the LS’s even have a massage function. The A8’s move to a touchscreen for functions such as the climate control and heated seats is a backward step, though, because it means adjusting the temperature on the move is trickier than it should be. The LS’s physical buttons for the air-con are far easier to operate.

New Lexus LS vs Audi A8

Despite their substantial length and width, neither car is intimidating or difficult to see out of, thanks to decent-sized side windows and windscreen pillars that aren’t too thick. Parking is a different matter, of course, but both come with rear parking sensors and reversing cameras as standard – although the LS’s camera is surprisingly low in resolution.

Both cars are beautifully put together. The switches and dials all operate incredibly slickly and the interior panels fit perfectly to give a general feeling of plush luxury. If anything, it’s the LS that has the edge for quality, with its plastics and trim pieces feeling even more robust than the A8’s.