New parking powers announced

* New powers for councils * More penalty notices can be issued * New rules come into force June 1...

New parking powers announced

New regulations that give English local authorities more powers to tackle inconsiderate and dangerous parking have been announced by the Department for Transport (DfT).

At present, councils can issue penalty notices to motorists who park at dropped kerbs or double-park only if traffic signs or road markings designate areas where prohibitions apply.

The new guidelines which come into effect on June 1 mean that no signs or markings are necessary. This is already the case in London.

Transport Minister Paul Clark said: 'Dropped kerbs are there to help wheelchair users and those with powered mobility vehicles or prams to get around easily and safely. They also allow residents to access their garages and driveways.

'The Highway Code is clear that drivers should not stop or park in such places and we believe placing of traffic signs and road markings to indicate these restrictions should not be necessary. The same rules will apply to double parking a dangerous activity that causes an unnecessary obstruction of the road and puts all road users at risk.'