New Volkswagen Arteon vs Jaguar XE

Volkswagen has given the Passat a stylish new outfit to create the Arteon executive car. Can it beat the badge cache of a Jaguar XE, though?...

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03 November 2016

Infotainment systems

Jaguar XE

New Volkswagen Arteon vs Jaguar XE

Analogue instruments and an 8.0in touchscreen are standard, but the screen is quite slow and clunky to operate. Upgrading to InControl Touch Pro (£1090) makes it faster, but it’s still not as slick as the Arteon’s. The upgrade also brings digital instruments, and you can add the 10.2in touchscreen shown (£625). Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren’t available; you can connect your phone via an app. Portfolio trim gets a 380-watt stereo.

Volkswagen Arteon

New Volkswagen Arteon vs Jaguar XE

The graphics on the Arteon’s 8.0in screen look sharper than the XE’s systems. The menus are easier to fathom and the screen reacts more quickly to inputs. For £895, you can get a 9.2in screen with more functions, but the standard system is good enough. It has smartphone mirroring plus CarNet, which lets you¬ find parking spaces and traffic information online. The standard stereo sounds good, but the £1010, 700-watt system is even better.