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Volkswagen Arteon 2019 front left cornering RHD
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So, there you are, sitting in the Volkswagen showroom opposite your salesperson’s broad smile and Polo-white teeth, just about to sign on the line for a new family car. But hang on; out of the corner of your eye, you spy something glinting away. It looks a bit like a normal executive saloon, yet it’s glitzier, sleeker and altogether more desirable. Ah, yes – that would be the Volkswagen Arteon.

The Arteon is based on the Passat, but it's slightly longer, lower and wider, with a distinctive coupé-like roofline that tapers smoothly into the boot, giving it a more upmarket appearance.

And that's exactly the way VW pitches it: an upmarket car to rival the likes of the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. Like those two, the Arteon retains the practical four-door layout of the saloon upon which it’s based, so along with style comes almost as much practicality.

But let’s return to that showroom scenario. Should you go with your head and sign up for the Passat, or your heart and swap to the Arteon – or, indeed, one of its aforementioned rivals? Read on and we’ll guide you through all the details. And if you are persuaded that the Arteon is the car for you, remember to check out our new car deals.

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Number of trims4see more
Available fuel typesDiesel, Petrol
Avaliable doors options5
Warranty3 years / 60000 miles

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Volkswagen Arteon 2019 front tracking RHD
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